"With typical Clatch invention, both musical and lyrical, the show unfolds before our very ears"                                                                                               

"Very soon, when Clatch is famous, there'll be people saying they were at that gig who were not there - it'll be like when The Sex Pistols played the 100 Club - if everybody who said they were there actually *was* there, the gig would have had to have been held in The Royal Albert Hall.  Clatch at Royal Albert Hall - why not?" - Gary Grainger on the Great British Rhythm and Blues Show, August 25th, 2018

"Beverley Blues Weekender was only the second time Half Deaf Clatch has performed his part history/part mystery/ fully entertaining Dr Bloodwort’s Show. First time was Great British Blues Festival. Would suit theatre/arts centre audiences!" - Roy Woodcock on the Beverley Blues Weekender Show, October 26th, 2018

...The Show is on its way

Dr Bloodwort's Nefarious Medicine Show was specially written for this years Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival and was performed in full for the first time in The Little Theatre on August 25th at Noon, to widespread critical acclaim. The second performance was for this years Beverley Blues Weekender on October 26th. There are plans for further shows, so keep your eyes peeled folksies. Something sinister this way comes.

The Dr Bloodwort live show is an audio/visual journey through the Blues infused imaginings of Half Deaf Clatch. Perfect for any size stage/event, and with the aid of projections, rhymed storytelling and improvised banter he brings the characters to life. Prepare to be amazed and entertained as he regales a most remarkable tale, direct from the deepest, darkest depths of his dubious imagination. This is a strange and tragic story, where nothing is as it seems. You'll be tantalised, stupified, mesmerised and maybe a little bit horrified.

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